V  I  R  T  U  A  L       R  E  A  L  I  T  Y
UV Printing Research Guide  
How to choose equipment, technology and supplier??
NO 01. Explain the working principle, performance and application scenarios of various       UV printer equipment.
NO 02. Offer the most suitable UV solution for professional production and production
NO 03. Introduce the advantages and disadvantages of each brand of equipment and purchase principles
NO 04. Evaluate technical problems and solutions you may encounter during use.
Aojet is a leading UV printing solution service provider. For decades, it has been committed to cutting-edge UV printing technology and process research and development, multi-industry overall solution output and independent intellectual property equipment production, with strong technical strength, service support capabilities and product quality. Renowned inside and outside the industry. As of 2019, Aojet has served more than 3,000 customers, and the overall solution has output more than 100,000 cases, supporting the high-end UV printing equipment and service market.
10+ Years

171+ Teamates

Thousands of corporate customers
Tens of thousands of projects
UV China & 3 trillion biz BlueOcean
Multi-industry solution of Aojet UV printing technology
V   I   R  T   U  A  L      R  E   A  L  I  T  Y
With the continuous maturity and development of UV printing technology, our world is quietly changing. Wherever we look, there is a shadow of the results of UV printing. This is the result of the joint efforts of Aojet and a number of industry partners.
This dream blue ocean with endless commercial value also attracts countless partners who are engaged in UV printing business.
Printing & Packaging  
Packaging proofing , Gift box, special paper printing , lenticular painting
3C Digital
Custom UV printing applications of mobile phone back plates, mobile phone cases, power bank and other digital products.
Decoration & Display
Integrated ceilings, partition decoration, indoor display props,  special furniture customization.
Ad & Manufacturing
Building materials, crafts, glass panels, metal materials, ceramic materials
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